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Probiogen NZ

Men's Vitality Spore Probiotic 30 vegetarian capsules

Men's Vitality Spore Probiotic 30 vegetarian capsules

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Why Probiogen®?

      -The only probiotic with DNA verified strains (DNA sequencing) to ensure efficacy, potency and safety. DNA verification is an expensive process that only top brands can afford.

      -Probiogen® provides the highest spore probiotic count in the market.

      Experience the Probiogen Advantage! Men’s Vitality Probiotic provides the first spore probiotic enhanced with prostate health-focused nutrients, including vitamin K2, Saw Palmetto and Boswellia. Probiotics boost nutrient absorption AND provide their digestive + immune system benefits.

      Key Men’s Health Nutrients Include:
      Vitamin K2 is essential supporting normal bone health and prostate health support.
      Saw Palmetto is filled with plant-based fatty acids and phytosterols that support healthy prostate function.
      Boswellia contains boswellic acid, which supports healthy inflammation responses throughout the body.

      Bacillus coagulans HC™: A spore-forming probiotic, studied and supported by clinical research. Helps to Support Less Gas, Bloating & Discomfort.

      Bacillus clausii: A well-studied, spore-forming probiotic with high efficacy and excellent tolerability. B. clausii can colonize in the intestine in the presence of antibiotics. Helps support healthy immune system responses.

      Bacillus subtilis HU58™: A spore-forming probiotic with the ability to identify and support the decrease of harmful bacteria. This strain is known to produce Nattokinase, studied for its heart-healthy benefits. HU58™ also supports healthy immunity.

      Take one (1) capsule daily after a meal or as directed by your physician. No refrigeration needed.


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